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Budapest, Hungary
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Delivering results from your presentations made easier than ever before!

SOPRESO aims to turn your presentation into a conversation. Our software empowers your audience to be able to interact with your presentation in real-time through their smart devices.

SOPRESO is an audience response system that works as an additional communication layer to any presentation format. Our web-based software enables the audience to raise questions, add comments to individual slides and even rate the entire presentation.

SOPRESO has three focuses:

1. Simplicity. Current presentation interaction software can have a tedious set up. Audiences have to either download an app or create an account or navigate to the presentation and by the time they have your presentation pulled up, you’ve completely lost the audiences attention. SOPRESO has a 1-Step Setup that simply requires your audience to enter a shortened URL in their mobile browser. No apps. No Accounts. Just you and your presentation. Unlike other presentation hosting software, SOPRESO simply mirrors your presentation, meaning that any presentation format will work with our software. This also means that any network malfunction will not effect your presentation or result in loss of data.

2. Interactivity. The core purpose of SOPRESO is to engage your audience. This is facilitated through a few key features in our software:

Instant Slide Access - Audience members can follow the presenter’s slides on their mobile during the presentation, allowing attendees in the back of the room easy access to the same information as those closer to the screen. If the presenter is moving too quickly, audience members can go to previous slides or skip ahead to what’s coming up. This also can vastly improve the experience for virtual participants.

Real-time commenting – audience members can add comments and vote on those that they identify with. This brings the best comments and questions to the top.

Digital Business Cards – Audience members can easily garner contact information from the presenter and their fellow attendees. No more wasting time gathering business cards and entering them into your address book.

3. Uniqueness. As a cost effective, easy-to-use service, we believe that SOPRESO would make any presenter stand out from the crowd.