Stellantis acquires AImotive

This morning global carmaker giant Stellantis announced the acquisition of AImotive.

We are thrilled to congratulate the AIMotive Team and its founder, Laszlo Kishonti on being acquired by one of the biggest mobility providers in the world. 7 years ago, when we first invested in the company then called ADASWorks we might have hoped something like this. László believed before others that the future of the car is software and not hardware. We were pleased to be among the first institutional investors backing their vision with partners such as Inventure and RBVC. This is how it all started for us:

As the only local investor at that early stage we had the opportunity to work with the company to scale up its operation from 15 people to a 200+ team of world class engineering experts and supported them in multiple financing rounds

Csaba Kákosy our Managing Partner worked with László in the past seven years. “It is not an accident that AiMotive has achieved this extraordinary success” he says. “Startups developing cutting edge solutions for the mobility markets are very strong in Hungary. During the years Laszló proved that he is not only a great visionary, but a very innovative, resilient and wise entrepreneur.  As an investor, today I’m also very satisfied with this outcome for our OTP - Day One Seed Fund. Huge congratulations to the 200+ people strong AImotive Team, we are proud that we could work with you in the past 7 years.“