Stellantis acquires AImotive

We are thrilled to congratulate the AIMotive Team and its founder, Laszlo Kishonti on being acquired by one of the biggest mobility providers in the world. 7 years ago, when we first invested in the company then called ADASWorks we might have hoped something like this. László believed before others that the future of the car is software and not hardware. We were pleased to be among the first institutional investors backing their vision with partners such as Inventure and RBVC.

Why we invested in Volteum

As the fleet electrification is happening faster than anyone previously imagined, the charging infrastructure will be a bottleneck for a long time, thus charging optimization will be the key feature for any fleet managers. We have a  conviction that the Volteum team is going to be a decisive player in the global market. We are delighted to join the journey of Zsófi, Dávid, Kornél, and Krisztián and the Volteum team, by leading their EUR 1,2 million seed round.

VC of the Month Award

Q&A session with Gyorgy Simo, Managing Partner at Day One Capital

Sunrise Medical acquires NOW Technologies

Sunrise Medical, a world leader in advanced assistive mobility solutions, is pleased to announce that it has completed the acquisition of Now Techologies. Now Tech's latest innovation of special head control product Gyroset Vigo has already been well received by the market, will also become part of Sunrise SWITCH-IT power wheelchair special control product offering.

Webshippy raises $3 million

We are excited to welcome Webshippy to the Day One Capital family! They are the leading fullfilment center in Hungary supported by their own proprietaty logistic software. On behalf of Day One Capital I am happy to welcome Webshippy in the Portfolio. With the help of our investment the next milestone is to expand in Slovakia, Czechia and Romania!

FLOWX raises $8.5 million

Nov 8th 2021

We are proud to announce our latest investment in FLOWX.AI, the Bucharest-based company on a mission to free financial institutions from their legacy software burden. The enterprise-grade platform financial institutions with complex IT infrastructures build digital experiences that neo-banks have been championing for years now, experiences that consumers have grown to expect.

Howitzer's $500k Pre-Seed

Oct 19th 2021

Howitzer is a Reddit marketing tool for entrepreneurs, startups and growth hackers. We are delighted to partner with Nikola, Stefan and Tomi from Howitzer, leading their $500k pre-seed round to widen the capabilities of their platform. Read our piece on why we decided to invest on Medium.

Party.Space's $1 million Seed

Oct 12th 2021

We are excited to announce our latest investment in Party.Space. We believe that Party.Space is well-positioned to capitalize both on the virtual event and metaverse trends, given their technology and talent. Happy to close our first investment in Ukraine in Party.Space as part of a $1 million seed round, with TA Ventures as our co-investor.

Colossyan raises €1 million

Jul 21st 2021

Colossyan raised a total of €1 million in seed funding. The lead investor is Day One Capital. In addition, the early-stage VC APX, backed by Axel Springer and Porsche, and two angel investors Mikal Hallstrup (founder of Designit) and Akos Kapui (VP of Engineering at Shapr3D) committed to Colossyan’s vision to transform the content creation industry.

Swiss Post acquires Tresorit

Jul 8th 2021

Swiss Post, the state-owned mail delivery firm which became a private limited company in 2013, diversifying into logistics, finance, transport while retaining its role as Switzerland’s national postal service, has acquired a majority stake in Swiss-Hungarian startup Tresorit, an early European pioneer in end-to-end-encrypted cloud services.

Elkelt a Tresorit

Jul 8th 2021

Többségi tulajdont szerzett a Swiss Post kommunikációs szolgáltatásokért felelős üzletága a DayOne portfólió egyik cégében, a Tresoritban. Simó György beszélgetett Lám Istvánnal, a Tresorit alapítójával, ügyvezető igazgatójával.

Recart nabs €2.8 million

Jun 3rd 2021

Budapest-based Recart nabs €2.8 million in funding, with around €2 million from Enter Tomorrow venture capital fund (managed by Lead Ventures), and around €205K each from Oktogon Ventures and Day One Capital, respectively.

Whalebone raises $3 million

May 5th 2021

Whalebone, a company selling technology to help communication service providers deliver secure user experience, has raised a $3 million Series A round led by Day One Capital with participation from Fazole Ventures and business angels.

Orqa $1.7m Seed round

Feb 4th 2021

Remote Reality company Orqa raised $1.7M seed funding led by Day One Capital to enable teleoperation of unmanned systems over 5G.

Material Exchange lands €5m

Nov 26th 2020

Material Exchange lands €5 million to boost its digital material management solution driving the sustainable digital transformation by creating transparency and improving communication between the players of the fashion industry.

Investment Associate opening

Nov 25th 2020

Day One is looking for an Investment Associate to join its team! If you are a startup and venture capital enthusiast, would love to work with us and our portfolio companies check our job post!

Soleadify's $1.5m Seed round

Oct 20th 2020

The Soleadify team secured a $1.5M seed round from venture firms GapMinder Venture Partners and Day One Capital, as well as several prominent business angels, through Seedblink.

First Monday fireside chat

Sept 29th 2020

Gyorgy Simo from Day One is joining the fireside chat with Ondrej Bartos, Partner at Credo Ventures at Startup Hungary's First Monday on October 5th.

We are hiring!

Sept 17th 2020

Day One Capital is looking for a Principal to join its team! If you are a startup and venture capital enthusiast, have some VC, PE or M&A experience and would love to work with us, check out our job post here!

AImotive raises $20 million

Jun 22nd 2020

The round brings our Budapest-based driver-assistance and self-driving car software company's total raised to over $70 million.

Our webinar in the news

We organized a webinar with Balazs Fejes, Co-Head at EPAM on what shifts he is expecting and this article from Forbes Hungary is an extensive summary of his thoughts.

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Butterfly effect caused by bats this time. What changes does the leader of a global IT company expect through his experience in the firm and by working with its client.

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Day One invites tech entrepreneurs and founders to book open office hours to gain feedback, advice and/or mentorship.

Startup & Bank Cooperation

Bankspiration, a program launched this year by Erste Bank Hungary and powered by the know-how of Day One Capital was meant to find fintech innovators.

Recart in the News

Our portfolio company, Recart featured by on Black Friday.

Commsignia scores $11m

Announcing Funding of $11M To Extend Its Leadership in V2X Connectivity