Based in
Budapest, Hungary
Automotive, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision

AImotive is gearing up to be the leading provider of camera-first, AI-powered, automated driving technology.

AImotive is the leading global solution provider of AI powered self-driving technology. Using cameras as primary sensors their solutions mimic the visual capabilities of human drivers. This approach results in technology that can readily scale, and helps make autonomous driving a reality around the world.

Their passionate team with over 220 members is at work worldwide. They have designed aiDrive, their autonomous driving software suite, to accommodate different driving cultures and climates, because they approach the driving experience from a global perspective. Alongside their testing locations they use, aiSim, their photo-realistic simulator, to recreate diverse real-life scenarios to develop their systems. To handle the complex process behind self-driving technology they have created aiWare, a unique neural network accelerator for computer vision. They believe this is how to make their vision of a safe and accessible autonomous future a reality.