FLOWX.AI wraps and orchestrates legacy systems, making it super fast for enterprises to create digital apps for mission-critical flows.

Based in
Bucharest, Romania
What Do They Do?

FLOWX.AI wraps and orchestrates legacy systems, making it incredibly easy for enterprises to create web and mobile front-ends for mission-critical business flows. The revolutionary AI-enabled Apeiron UX engine is able to automatically create a modern, intuitive front-end for customers and employees, helping to consolidate in a unified UI all the business logic cross-systems.This enables companies with complex technology landscapes to create and launch mission-critical digital products fast, and then facilitate an easy path forward to full digital transformation.The revolutionary novel approach is 100x faster and cheaper than existing alternatives. FLOWX.AI allows delivery of enterprise-grade mobile and web digital front-ends as fast as 10 weeks, and requires much smaller engineering teams.

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