GAMEE is a social gaming network, that connects friends across casual-style games and gaming tournaments.

Based in
Prague, Czech Republic
Gaming, Social Network
What Do They Do?

In gaming, mobile continues to grow while delivery platforms and technologies change. Games are now increasingly played in native smartphone apps, inside chat apps and web browsers. Gamee has built a mobile-first, no friction to play, shareable hyper-casual battle gaming network with games playable and shareable with friends across the native Gamee app and other messaging apps.

GAMEE is a gaming social-network-based mobile platform. It offers an online platform which enables its users to connect, share, and play games using their mobile phone without prior downloads. The company offers a collection of games that motivates its users to progress across games, build gamer profiles and compete with their friends. GAMEE was founded by Jan Castek, Bozena Rezab, Miroslav Chmelka, and Lukas Stibor in 2015.

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