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Turbine's patent protected Simulated Cell™ helps to understand and model unmeasurable steps of biology early and at scale

Turbine was founded in 2015 in Hungary to understand complex cancers better than existing experimental tools by combining machine learning with simulations in order to solve unmet oncology needs and shorten the drug development process.

Turbine's platform, the Simulated Cell™, is able to uncover novel biological insights across both new and known targets. This allows to provide a fresh biological context, define responsive patient populations, and design drug combination approaches that diminish resistance - faster and with increased efficiency.

Turbine is building a valuable drug discovery pipeline with industry partners quickly at low cost, where value increases as targets reach milestones in the drug development process. The platform approach enables them to identify a high number of candidate drugs while significantly cutting the time and cost to reach the clinical phase and, in the end, the patients.